Neck Lift in Charlotte, NC

The neck is usually the first place where people show signs of getting older, and a neck lift can improve your overall appearance. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Klein and board-eligible plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Kochuba offer neck lifts for men and women in Charlotte, Salisbury, Harrisburg, Concord and surrounding areas of North Carolina.

What is a Neck Lift?

A neck lift is an anti-aging surgery that helps with the most common problems that develop as we get older. Our patients are always thrilled and surprised with how much younger they look with one simple surgery. Dr. Klein and Dr. Andrew Kochuba specialize in neck lift techniques that help with lax muscles, banding and other common problems.

Benefits of a Neck Lift

A neck lift will:

  • Remove pockets of fat on the neck and under the jawline
  • Tighten underlying muscles
  • Eliminate sagging skin along the jaw and on the neck
  • Give you a more contoured neck shape
  • Help you feel more comfortable exposing your neck

Who is the Ideal Candidate for a Neck Lift?

Dr. Klein and Dr. Andrew Kochuba will determine if you are a good candidate for a neck lift during the consultation. Some of the considerations include:

  • Location of fat deposits
  • Elasticity of the skin
  • Muscular structure and banding
  • Your personal cosmetic goals

What Do I Need to Do Before a Neck Lift?

Schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Klein and Dr. Andrew Kochuba. They will explain the procedure and help you visualize the results. Because they use a patient-centered approach for each treatment plan, you will feel confident and comfortable about your decision to have a neck lift.

How Long Does It Take to Perform a Neck Lift?

There are basically three types of neck lifts. Depending on the type that is recommended for you, your neck lift will take one to four hours. Dr. Klein and Dr. Andrew Kochuba may use liposuction to refine the results, and this will add to the length of the surgery.

What to Expect After a Neck Lift

You will be ready to leave our office a few hours after your surgery, but someone needs to drive you home. Your neck will be wrapped in a compression bandage to minimize swelling and promote healing. You will also need someone to stay with you for a few days. You will have some pain, swelling, and stiffness for up to three days. In seven to 10 days, we will have you come back to our office so that Dr. Klein and Dr. Andrew Kochuba can remove the sutures and examine the incisions. You should expect to have some numbness and tingling for up to one month.

Will I Have Scars After Getting a Neck Lift?

Every surgery causes scars. The secret to making scars less visible is to place them in areas where people will not notice them. Dr. Klein and Dr. Andrew Kochuba specialize in advanced neck lift techniques, and they take every possible measure to place the incisions in the least visible areas.

When Will I See the Results?

You will have swelling for up to one month. Once this subsides, you will see the full results of your neck lift.

How Long Will the Results of a Neck Lift Last?

A neck lift lasts for many years, but it cannot stop the aging process or effects of weight changes. We recommend that you live a healthy lifestyle and protect your skin from sun damage to enjoy a younger, contoured neck for many years.

How Much Does a Neck Lift Cost in Charlotte?

After your consultation, we will have a treatment plan upon which to base your cost. For your convenience, we accept payment by cash, check and major credit card. Financing is available through CareCredit®.

Loose skin, excess fat and muscular changes all change the appearance of your neck. Instead of feeling embarrassed or hiding your neck, consider a neck lift at HKB Renaissance Plastic Surgery. Dr. David F. Klein and Dr. Andrew Kochuba specialize in neck lifts for men and women in Charlotte, Salisbury, Harrisburg, Concord and surrounding areas of North Carolina. Contact us today to schedule your personal consultation.

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"Had my first surgery with Dr. Klein he was amazing. The staff is very friendly and always makes you feel welcome. I will highly recommend him if you have doubts go for it you won’t regret it."
"I have been so Happy with all the work Dr. Klein has performed on my Body. He is so sweet and really cares about making you feel better about yourself."
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