Your Brow Lift Consultation

If you’re considering undergoing brow lift surgery in Charlotte, schedule a consultation to discuss your goals with Dr. Klein, a top surgeon in Charlotte.  He will determine the best procedure for achieving your goals.

A brow lift begins by targeting the forehead, which is a primary source for sagging in the upper eyelids and eyebrows.  Oftentimes paired with a face life, there are two different brow lifts with which you should become familiar.

The first type of brow lift is the classic lift, which begins with a single continuous cut, starting at your ears and curving with your hairline.  The second type of brow lift is the endoscopic lift, which utilizes smaller cuts and smaller anchors, making it less invasive than the classic lift.

When you meet for your consultation with Dr. Klein, he will welcome you in for a private discussion regarding your goals for the brow lift procedure.  Be prepared to speak openly about these goals, as well as your health and medical history.  He will then examine your forehead, perhaps asking you to mimic certain facial expressions to see how your forehead, brows, and eyelids react.

In this consultation, your payment options will be discussed, as well as the estimated brow lift costs.

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