Your Breasts, Your Life

Dr. Klein of Your Renaissance performs a variety of breast procedures in Concord, NC, including breast augmentation, breast reductions, and breast lifts.  There are many reasons that women undergo breast procedures, ranging from a desire to improved self-image to soothing nagging back pain.  For women overcoming breast cancer, who have recently undergone a mastectomy, cosmetic breast procedure means more.  It means restoring their breasts to their original size and shape, as they reclaim their health, as well as their lives.

For those who are unaware, a mastectomy is a procedure that involves the surgical abstraction of one or both breasts, resulting in either partial or complete removal of the breast(s).  For women, their breasts can be the most significant symbol of their femininity, and even the partial loss of a breast can be devastating.  With breast reconstruction, these women are able to completely move on with their lives.

The best way to prevent breast cancer is to perform regular checks, both at the doctor and at home.  It is important for all women to perform regular self-breast checks, like this one, provided by WebMD.

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Dr. Klein is a trusted Concord plastic surgeon, helping patients in Concord, Charlotte, and surrounding areas meet their cosmetic surgery goals.  He is also a trusted Concord body contouring surgeon, specializing in a variety of procedures, from Concord liposuction to Concord Cellulaze.

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