Tips to Positive Self-Image

Everyone deserves to be confident and completely at home in their bodies.  This is more than a privilege; it’s a right.  Regardless of any societal labels, you have earned one thing by simply being you: you are beautiful.  Sometimes, however, it can be difficult to see our own beauty for ourselves.  For these times, there are some steps that can improve positive thinking and overall body image:

1. No more “body-bashing.”

Don’t allow negative body or dieting ideals to monopolize your conversations or thoughts.  Instead, maintain a healthy diet and active lifestyle, with confidence and positive perspective, and allow others to follow suit.

2. Ignore the “thin” fad.

Fashion magazines and television shows can make it seem like everyone is stick thin.  This simply isn’t the case.  Most people are just like you, even if it doesn’t always feel this way.  On a different note, however, although many people are just like you, you should never feel the need to compare yourself to others.

3. Break up with your scale.

Remember this: You are more than the number on a scale.

4. Feed your body.

Choose health and energy over a constant rumbling in your stomach.  Don’t be afraid to eat and feel satisfied after every meal.  While over-eating is unhealthy, under-eating causes its own variety of health issues.

5. You broke up with the scale; now sagoodbye to constant mirror-checks.

Just like the numbers on the scale, you are more than the reflection in the mirror.

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