Does the Skin Around Your Breasts Appear to Sag? A Breast Lift Might Be the Solution

Pregnancy, breastfeeding, and the natural course of time can cause the breasts to sag and lose their shape, often also resulting in abnormalities in the aesthetics of the areolas and nipple regions. Regardless the reason, these changes in breast appearance can lead to a variety of insecurities, causing many women to avoid sexual encounters, as well as clothing that they feel is unflattering on their breasts.

For these women, Dr. Klein of Your Renaissance Plastic Surgery in Concord has a solution: a breast lift procedure, through Your Renaissance. Dr. Klein is a top breast lift surgeon in Charlotte and Concord, This is both due to his extensive experience in the cosmetic surgery industry and the fact that he treats the goals of each patient with the personal attention and compassion they deserve.

Also referred to as a Mastopexy, a breast lift requires only a few surgical incisions, at which point Dr. Klein will eradicate excess or unwanted skin, revitalizing the appearance or location of the nipple if necessary.

If you are expecting to experience weight loss, are pregnant or nursing, or hoping to have children in the future, you might not meet the requirements of a breast lift candidate.

To learn more about your potential candidacy for a Your Renaissance breast lift, contact their office directly at (704)-784-4008.

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