Remove These Thoughts for New Perspective, New Life

As you seek the benefits of a healthier, happier, and more active lifestyle, with the help of Your Renaissance cosmetic surgery in Concord and licensed plastic surgeon Dr. Klein, it is important to remember that there are fundamental changes that you can be making on your very own.  And it all starts from within, with simple changes in perspective.

The following are five thoughts that you must forever remove from your mind…immediately!:

1. “I can’t.”

You CAN, and you ARE.  Our ‘limits’ extend far beyond any imaginable limits that we set for ourselves.  Work outside of your comfort zone.  After all, the ‘comfort zone’ exists merely to stifle your true potential.  You’ll be surprised how far you can reach when you live outside of your perceived limits.

2. “I’m content.”

In relation to “I can’t,” if you are feeling comfortable in your life, perhaps under the belief that you can’t do more, then it’s time to make a change.  Being content is equivalent to being bored.  Find ways to Be ecstatic,Be enriched, and Be involved, and you’ll find that every experience is drastically improved when you become an active member in your life.

3. “It’s not expected of me.”

Allowing other people to determine your expectations for yourself is allowing them to determine your personal boundaries and limits.  It’s your job to determine your potential and capabilities; don’t let others define your worth.

4. “I’ll never be as good as ____/have a job like ____/be able to ____.”

Rather than comparing yourself to others, use your own achievements and milestones as benchmarks for your success, and celebrate when you surpass your own expectations because those are the only ones that matter.  On that note, raise your expectations for yourself–you can!

5. “I’ll do it tomorrow.”

Tomorrow doesn’t exist.  There is only today.  Even when the elusive tomorrow arrives, it is still today.

Make sense?

Besides, whatever it may be that you’re delaying until tomorrow won’t seem any more appealing in the morning.

As you proceed with your day, be conscious of the times in which you find yourself thinking of all of the things you “have” to do.  You don’t have to exercise, you don’t have to give your all in the workplace, you don’t have to treat your body with nutritional meals, and you don’t have to nourish your soul with optimistic thinking–you get to.  Living a happy, healthy lifestyle is both a privilege and a right; take advantage of it!

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