MYTH: Plastic Surgery is for Women (Wrong!)

If you’re a male, considering plastic surgery, you are not alone.  Although it may seem as though plastic surgery is only available for women, this simply isn’t the case.  While women have historically been the most common patients, the number of male patients visiting their local plastic surgeon’s office is steadily on the rise.

Common media resources reflect that women are the only qualified candidates for plastic surgery, but the truth is that most procedures are available and beneficial to both sexes.  Facial rejuvenation procedures, for instance, have acquired an increasingly large male clientele base, due to the fact that its invasiveness is very minor.

What comes as the biggest surprise to male patients is that the procedures that are available to both men and women far out-number the ones that are exclusively for women.  Men most commonly voice interest in affordable procedures that will rejuvenate their youthful features, with the most natural results and the shortest amount of recovery time.

To learn more about the facial rejuvenation procedures performed at Your-Renaissance, visit our pages detailing facelifts, brow lifts, and blepharoplasty.

Dr. Klein is a top plastic surgeon in Concord and Charlotte, and he welcomes you to his office to discuss your plastic surgery goals!

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