Otoplasty in Charlotte

Dr. Klein performs otoplasty procedures in Charlotte and surrounding areas.  Otoplasty refers to procedures, both surgical and non-surgical, that are geared for correcting ear misshapenness or defects. By simplest definition, otoplasty is any surgery performed on the ear, and there are a variety of reasons that candidates might consider undergoing the procedure.

One reason one might consider otoplasty is due to deformity caused by severe trauma to the ear.  Frequently, in the cases of severe trauma, scarring might cause the ear to become misshapen.  A simple corrective procedure can typically reverse such effects.

Another reason that an individual might consider otoplasty is if it is due to a birth defect.  This is quite common, and individuals seeking the procedure for this reason should look no farther than Dr. Klein of Your-Renaissance.

A final reason for undergoing otoplasty is due to personal insecurities.  If an individual is unhappy with the shape of their ears, Dr. Klein will schedule a consultation to discuss their motivation for pursuing otoplasty, as well as determine realistic goals, ensuring that the results are natural and seamless.

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