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For individuals seeking facial rejuvenation through the reduction or removal of wrinkles, a facelift might be the most optimal procedure to achieve these goals. The procedure itself focuses on eradicating surplus skin on the face, by tightening the skin throughout the face and neck. Excess skin might appear to droop, which can cause a variety of discomforts and insecurities; with a facelift, these difficulties can be easily eliminated. In some cases, Dr. Klein might recommend that the tissue beneath the skin is tightened, in addition to the facial skin.

The first signs of aging tend to appear in the face, typically near the eyes and the jowl line. Patients considering a facelift procedure are often seeking to fight the effects of aging and restore youth to the face. After all, you are still the vivacious person you always were—a few years won’t take that away. With a facelift from Dr. Klein, a top Concord plastic surgeon, you can rejuvenate your face, matching it to the rest of your vibrant lifestyle.

Before a Your Renaissance patient can make the final decision to undergo a facelift, they must first schedule a consultation with Dr. Klein. In this consultation, he will have them discuss their motivations and ultimate goals for the surgery, while also evaluating their overall health. Through the consultation, Dr. Klein will determine if the patient is a proper candidate for a facelift, and, with the patient, he will determine the best, most affordable method to ensure that all of their goals are safely and comfortably achieved.

Recovery following the procedure varies, depending on the patient, but it typically takes a short two weeks for the patient to recover from a facelift and enjoy the benefits of their rejuvenated face!

For more information, browse our Before and After Facelift Photos, or fill in our short Contact Form to schedule your consultation with Dr. Klein today.

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