Labiaplasty at Your Renaissance

You might have noticed that we have recently listed an additional cosmetic surgery to our website: Labiaplasty (Also: Labioplasty).  Commonly referred to as ‘vaginal rejuvenation,’ Labiaplasty is a beneficial procedure for women who were either born with an irregular labia minora or for women who have experienced elongation due to childbirth, fluctuations in weight, or as a result of aging.

Labiaplasty targets the labia minora, restoring and repairing it in both size and shape.  This is a fairly minor cosmetic surgery, and Dr. Klein is an astute Labiaplasty surgeon in Charlotte.

Although the most common complaint regarding a misshapen or large labia minora is related to aesthetic insecurity, it also frequently causes discomfort and pain for women while urinating, engaging in sexual activities, or while wearing tight clothing.  Whatever the reason, with Labioplasty, you can reclaim the confidence and comfort that you so deserve in your life.

Read more about the procedure on our website, and take the time to contact Dr. Klein and the Your Renaissance team.  They will be happy to thoroughly answer your questions or concerns regarding Labiaplasty and will schedule a consultation to determine your candidacy and goals for the procedure.

Dr. Klein is a top plastic surgeon in Concord and Charlotte, best known for the genuine compassion and confidentiality he provides to each of his patients.

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