Charlotte Labiaplasty

After childbirth, fluctuations in weight, or simply due to natural aging, women might observe visual changes to the labial areas surrounding the vagina.  The previously stated causes frequently result in the elongation, or distending, of the labia minora.  Alternatively, in some cases, women are born with a larger than average, disproportionate, or asymmetrical labia minora.  For many women, these changes or irregularities are the root of insecurity, dictating the clothing they wear or their comfort with intimacy.  Women experiencing insecurity due to a stretched labia might avoid swimsuits and tight clothing, often avoiding sexual encounters due to embarrassment.

Additionally, women with an irregular labia minora might experience physical discomfort, which can interfere will the performance of daily tasks.  Many complain of having difficulty urinating, irritation that occurs beneath the skin, pain during sexual intercourse, and tenderness in the pubic area when wearing tight clothing.

Fortunately, Dr. Klein, a top North Carolina plastic surgeon, is a trusted vaginal rejuvenation surgeon in Charlotte.  For patients seeking to reshape or resize their labia minora regions, Dr. Klein is a skilled Labiaplasty surgeon in Charlotte and Concord.  Labiaplasty is an outpatient procedure that restores the aesthetics, as well as the functions, of the labia minora.

For more information, contact Dr. Klein to schedule a personal consultation, where you will be offered the confidentiality and compassion that is unique to Dr. Klein and the Your Renaissance team.