Breast Reduction Surgery in Charlotte

Although breast augmentation is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures, many wish to take the opposite approach, with breast reduction surgery.  Also known as reduction mammoplasty, breast reduction is most common in women who find that the large size of their breasts hinders even the simplest of daily tasks.  Overly large breasts can cause a variety of painful and uncomfortable symptoms that, for many, are unbearable and can lead to a weakened body image.

Many considering breast reduction complain of pain in the back, neck, and shoulders, which is only furthered by poor posture, a result of the breast’s weight pulling the body into a slouch.  It can make finding a bra difficult, and most specialty bras are far more expensive.  If a bra is found, it rarely is comfortable, and women often find that they don’t fit well, rubbing the skin under their breasts raw.  It can make exercise difficult, and the lack of exercise can lead to its own variety of health problems.

The biggest issue women with exceedingly large breasts face is in self-esteem.  They often find themselves hiding behind baggy clothing, ashamed of their physical appearances, when they deserve to be happy, strong, and confident women.

Dr. Klein is a top breast reduction surgeon in Charlotte, who is available to discuss your goals for breast reduction.  All you have to do is call and set up a consultation with him, where he will discuss your breast reduction options. Your confidence is a light within you, and, with Dr. Klein’s help, you are sure to shine, embracing your body image with a fresh perspective.

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