Body-Contouring: Reclaim Your Confidence

After months of lifestyle changes, including healthy dieting and regular exercise, you’ve finally achieved your goal weight or, at the very least, your near-goal weight.  There’s just one problem: Although you’re satisfied with the number on the scale and the dropped poundage, your skin appears to have dropped with it.  You may have increased your exercise regimen, only to discover that no amount of exercise or healthy eating seems to target these drooping areas—the good news is that this isn’t your fault; the better news is that Your Renaissance can help.

The people at Your Renaissance Plastic Surgery understand that how you feel in your body is just as important as the numbers on the scale, and, with their procedures for after massive weight loss, they hope to restore your self-confidence.  After all, you’ve worked hard for this success, you should be able to show it off, without burying or hiding your body in baggy, concealing clothing.

It’s very common to see “saggy” skin after massive weight loss, but body contouring is a method proven successful for greatly reducing this excess skin and fat.  Although it typically takes several sessions to complete the process, the effects of body contouring can be seen after one treatment, which, in some cases, is all that it takes!

Contact Your Renaissance in Charlotte to set up your very own consultation with the esteemed Dr. Klein.  It’s time to take back your body and, most importantly, your confidence.

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