2013 Resolutions

As 2013 approaches, you might be feeling the pressure to endure long workouts or engage in unhealthy eating habits, in order to lose the excess holiday weight.  Making unhealthy nutritional choices for your body can have negative effects on your health, as an over-abundance of exercise can lead to over-training or injury, and insufficient eating can lead to a variety of issues, from poor health to low energy.

If you’re hoping to improve your physical health in 2013, the first step is to improve your body image.  Begin the day by making healthy decisions.  For instance, eat a healthy breakfast, or go for a brisk walk.  The idea behind this kind of thinking is that one good decision leads to another, which leads to another, and so on.

Unfortunately, even those who eat the most nutritious of diets and frequent the gym on a regular basis often find that the last bit of weight is the most difficult to lose.  Dr. Klein and the Your Renaissance team knows how frustrating this can be, which is why Dr. Klein decided to become a licensed CoolSculpting surgeon.  Now licensed in CoolSculpting, Dr. Klein can help his patients lose that last nagging bit of stubborn fat.

Say goodbye to the love handles and see ya never to the muffin top, as results from CoolSculpting are often distinguished in a single visit to the Your Renaissance office.  For more information, visit the CoolSculpting FAQ page, or continue browsing the website to learn more about Dr. Klein.

After years of dieting and exercise, you deserve to be confident.  You’ve earned it.  Reclaim your confidence.

Add CoolSculpting to your 2013 resolutions list!

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